Fence and exclude from grazing in a nutshell

There are two saltland solutions that do not involve grazing. This solution (Fence and exclude from grazing) is primarily for sites that that are too saline and/or waterlogged for any more productive solutions to succeed. Saltland solution 11 (Revegetation with non-grazing species) is applicable to any saline site where grazing may be a suitable land use, but where other considerations lead to a rehabilitation plan that includes trees or other non-grazing species.

This saltland solution will protect a site that has existing conservation value, or increase the environmental or amenity value of a degraded site. These sites have no commercial value, nor commercial prospects.

Such sites are best suited to samphire (Halosarcia species that all go by the common name samphire), although other highly salinity and waterlogging plants such as salt paperbark (Melaleuca halmaturorum) and swamp sheoak (Casuarina obesa) may be suited. Revegetation of this class of land is gradual and episodic, and occurs naturally if grazing is excluded. Samphire itself is not suited to grazing as the salt concentrations in the forage can reach concentrations of 40% and there are likely to be other anti-nutritional factors.

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