Management consideration for fence and exclude from grazing

1.         Establishment
When a saline site is protected from grazing, samphire will inevitably occupy the most severely affected saltland, given sufficient time.  This process can be hastened by bringing in samphire plants or branches of salt paperbark or swamp sheoak with seed from other sites and ‘scattering’ them around the site, preferably in autumn when the plants will have set seed. 

2.         Management and grazing
There are no specific ‘management’ issues and no grazing.  Fenced off sites, especially if they contain less salty and waterlogged areas around the edge, can become havens for vertebrate pests such as rabbits, cats and foxes.  Control of these pests may be required.

3.         Animal nutrition
Samphire is not suitable for grazing by sheep or cattle.

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