Management consideration for revegetating with non-grazing species

1.     Establishment
For conservation plantings, a wide mix of commercial and non-commercial trees and shrubs can be used. Those suited to low salinity and waterlogging can be established around the edges of the saltland, while highly salinity and waterlogging tolerant plants such as salt paperbark (Melaleuca halmaturorum) and swamp sheoak (Casuarina obesa) can be established in the more hostile sections.

For commercial forestry operations, a detailed analysis of the site, potential species, markets etc is essential. Salt-tolerant hybrids are nursery raised and planted into prepared sites.

2.     Management and grazing
Any commercial forestry operation will have significant on-going management depending on the species and the markets.

Non-commercial plantings require minimal management, though areas fenced off from grazing can require management input to ensure they do not become harbours for weeds and vertebrate pests.

3.     Animal nutrition
Not applicable to this Saltland Solution. 

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