Puccinellia in a nutshell

Puccinellia is a perennial grass that is tolerant to high levels of soil salinity and waterlogging. Along with distichilis and marine couch, it is the most salt-tolerant of the commercially available grasses, and it is the only salt-tolerant, perennial grass suitable for highly saline scalds that are dry in summer.

Though a perennial, the plants are dormant over summer when the nutritive value declines, though it is still palatable and compares well to other dry feeds.

Often, puccinellia sites are highly waterlogged over winter and during that time, surface soil salinities can be low, potentially making balansa clover a partner. However, both farmer experience and research results show that balansa will perform strongly in the year of sowing but tends not to persist.

The ‘ideal situation’ for puccinellia based pastures is in the upper south east of SA, where over 200,000 ha have been established. Uptake has been slow in other states but it is now finding more acceptance as part of a shotgun mix of saltland pasture species.

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